Friday, December 30, 2005

They won't let me sleep.

I don't know who they is, but it's 9:10 am and I can usually be counted on to have fallen asleep by 7 or so these days. Isn't there a critical mass of daylight hours during which one should be unconscious if one is to be properly considered nocturnal? Or maybe I'll just be stuck awake until my whole circadian rhythm cycles around and I'm diurnal again. But man I bet I'm in for some suckful, even-more-unproductive-than-usual daylight hours if that's to be the case.

Maybe it's the eight cups of coffee I've drunk since around 8pm last night.


I think I'll pass the time with online shopping. I don't know how in the hell (so to speak) I got "low" on the prodigal/avaricious scale on that Inferno test--not only do I have an instinct to penny pinch (despite how things usually play out...), but I had an emphatic "yes" in answer to the question about enjoying shopping even if I don't need anything. That's the only time I do enjoy shopping. Free time and the holiday season do an especially effective job of bringing out my insidious, hypocritical materialistic side. (Incidentally, I can't wait to get back to school so that I can take unflattering photos of everyone for the "photo caller ID" feature on my new phone. My pretty, pretty new phone. But the phone doesn't count, since it only cost $3.50 with the credit and rebate.)

Yesterday I bought the Season 1 and 2 DVDs of NewsRadio on eBay for cheap. Most. underrated. television. show. ever.

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