Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Having thus created the blog, I have to obsessively adjust the fonts.

And thus began a beautiful relationship between Verdana and me.

So, a quick explanation of the title. One might read it as:
1) "withdrawn" meaning
introverted; emotionally unresponsive and detached. But in a good humored way.
2) "withdrawn" being the past participle of "to withdraw," in the sense of recalling or retracting. In a good humored way.
3) an obscure Simpsons reference.

These, among other interpretations. Season Five was the best season.

I was just thinking, how appropriate it is that the French "une blogue," which is useful for facetiously referring to one's blog among one's pseudo-francophone friends, actually means "joke."

Then I remembered that it's "une blague," not "une blogue." Oh well.

I'm getting ornery; I think that means I need to go home, and by home I mean back to college. It was freaking 58 degrees today--what kind of winter weather is that?

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