Thursday, August 21, 2008

HOW have I not watched 30 Rock until now?

I'm in love with Tina Fey. And finally, there are some goddamn female names in the top creative roles--the first two (edit: er, actually, three!) executive producers are women! Joy! Not surprising for a show that actually portrays its female characters as real people rather than plot devices or decoration, but incredibly and disappointingly rare in television overall. This is seriously awesome.

I have been doing other things with my time besides watching TV, but the implementation of my own personal productivity system (I finally read Getting Things Done) is not nearly so captivating as Liz Lemon et al.

And oh, yeah: I quit my job (FREEDOOOOOOOOOOOM). I've been checked out mentally for quite awhile, though, so contra my repeated listening of Think, I didn't get that much of a visceral thrill out of finally leaving. And even with the start of graduate school circling vulturelike over my psyche, I'm just not that wound up about it yet. Could be that the anti-anxiety meds are working, who knows. I'm sure I'll have a psychological breakdown soon enough, because even though I'll largely be doing the same everyday activities that I've been doing for the past year (going to classes and workshops, reading academic papers, etc. etc.), the implications for my entire life are vastly different now. (I can feel my heart rate rising as I type that.)

Well, no need to rush along the panic attack, when it'll take care of itself in its own time. Until now I'll do what I do best, and just not think about it!

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