Saturday, June 28, 2008


Things that make me sad:
  • having to go back to the DMV on Friday after I had already spent three and a half hours there Thursday
  • that my horrible boss used the slang "sweet" in an email, in a pathetically transparent attempt to ingratiate herself to one of the new, early-20s-aged staffpeople
  • breaking/chipping a tooth on a chicken bone and needing to go in for a mini-filling next week
  • summertime, both for the hot weather that makes me uncomfortable and for many of my friends' having skipped town, leaving me a hermit

Things that alleviate sadness somewhat:
  • that the Friday revisit to the DMV took less than an hour (shock)
  • planning to buy a Met ticket package with my friends for the upcoming season (yay opera! though the number of options is rather paralyzing)
  • that there's a university computer lab with air conditioning in which I can take refuge while I read some continental philosophy
And the hum of the various lights/air conditioning units/computer set-ups in the lab is pretty soothing, as well. Now, back to the books.

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