Saturday, June 30, 2007

I (still) hate having a weak constitution.

So I went back to work today. "Back" in the sense of cramming in three hours of productivity before an early lunch, after which I went to meet with a professor for whom I'm doing entirely different work, and then... um... went home, because it was Friday and I wanted a nap. Go team.

My Thursday absence was more legitimate, as I woke up very early feeling like I wanted to vomit and also lobster-hued. The lobster-huedness I had already noticed Wednesday night, after having spent four straight hours outside in 95-to-100-degree heat in service of the same job I blew off today. But as far as the nausea went, apparently my symptoms of heat exhaustion were on time delay. Everything's a-okay now, aside from what I imagine to be a marginally increased likelihood of getting skin cancer.

Also in the realm of things I hate: supervisors/coworkers who believe you are stupid. Especially when said supervisors/coworkers are themselves stupid. Three days ago this woman actually felt the need to explain to me the difference between "pins" and "pens." AND THE TWO WORDS WERE WRITTEN ON THE INVENTORY LIST SHE HAD JUST GIVEN ME. gah. This is the same person who, when instructing me on which information sheets to print out for some press packets, told me, "Get the FAQs--that's 'Frequently Asked Questions'..." Mother of God woman shut up before I hit you with my project folder.

That's enough happiness for one day. Off to ready myself to spend two and a half hours inside a large magnetic tube tomorrow. (I love participating in paid experiments.)

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